CourtCall serves Courts and Judges, throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide. A Judge’s listing here does not assure that CourtCall Appearances are allowed on all matters and deadlines for scheduling do vary. Each Court and Judge listed will include details on whether video, audio or remote interpretation services are available, participant fees, and whether online scheduling is available.

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    Please note that while many Judges are available for online scheduling, some may require special handling and you will need to call CourtCall to schedule. Additional fees and restrictions may apply when scheduling less than three full ‘Court’ days in advance.

    Judges displaying a red camera icon indicate that they may allow video appearances for some or all proceedings. Please speak with a CourtCall customer service representative about adding video to your CourtCall Appearance.

    Other Courts, Judges, Departments and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services may not be listed here, but may also be available. For more information or to request customized conferencing, please call us at 888-88-COURT.

    U.S. Bankruptcy and U.S. District Court Judges are listed in BLUE. If you do not see what you are looking for in this listing of participating Courts please call us at 888-88-COURT.

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