Attorney Overview

CourtCall's Remote Appearance Platform provides attorneys with a user-friendly system and comprehensive technologies allowing remote Court Appearances to be simple, while streamlining procedures for Courts.

How CourtCall Benefits Attorneys

  • Avoid travel, traffic and weather conditions
  • Achieve cost savings for your clients
  • Handle more work for more clients with less wasted travel time
  • Increase your availability and flexibility for scheduling Court Appearances
  • Greater access for clients, witnesses or other parties to appear remotely
  • User-friendly online portal to manage your CourtCall Appearances

While clients can save money and Courts can become more efficient and generate revenue, CourtCall has the most impact upon practicing attorneys as it helps to give them their lives back. Attorneys can use the time they save using CourtCall to catch-up on other pressing matters, enjoy time with family and friends or otherwise take advantage of the time no longer spent traveling to and from Court.

Video Conferencing

Courts of all sizes and jurisdictions now allow for video and many hearings and CourtCall is here to serve.

Remote video participation is also available for a principal, witness, carrier representative or other party for your trial, hearing, arbitration, mediation or other proceedings. All that is needed is a webcam and a computer with internet connection and sufficient bandwidth to use the video program. View our Participating Courts List or call us to check video availability.

Remote Interpretation Services

In efforts of creating further efficiencies for the Legal System, CourtCall's remote interpretation provides access to live interpretation, for all languages. Learn More