Judges Overview

Conceived and implemented by practicing attorneys, CourtCall created the proprietary Remote Appearance Platform to provide a user-friendly system that is based upon what actually happens in the Courtroom.

The Remote Appearance Platform can be customized by each Court and each Judge based on the preferences for conducting remote Court Appearances.

The Court conducts its regular business, with seamless access to CourtCall's Remote Appearance Platform. Depending upon court preference, CourtCall provides all program administration, installation, training supplies, promotion and public education.

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How CourtCall Benefits Judges and Court Staff

  • Reduces the cost of litigation
  • Less crowded courtrooms and increased security
  • More efficient case flow
  • Increases public access
  • Connects all relevant parties, regardless of their locations
  • “Privacy” and “Open Court” services available
  • More efficient courtroom logistics; eliminates work for busy Court Staff

CourtCall Offers Multiple Service Programs

Using either or both programs and either audio or video, CourtCall tailors the system for each Judge. Not all Judges in a Court are required to join the service. 

The “Open Court” program which simulates the actual Courtroom experience where all who are present hear the proceedings.

The “Privacy” program for Judges who wish to conduct their CourtCall proceedings privately, in chambers. On the Privacy program, a moderator remains on the call for its duration and serves as a “virtual” clerk for the Judge, bringing into the call only those with whom the Judge wishes to speak.

Remote Interpretation Services

In efforts of creating further efficiencies for the Legal System, CourtCall's Remote Interpretation provides access to live interpretation, for all languages. Learn More