Remote Depositions

Now Providing All-Inclusive Remote Deposition Services

We provide all common collaboration platform features, plus in-platform:

  • Exhibit marking.
  • Document marking.
  • Digital signatures.

There are no downloads required.

The Deposition Officer controls access to screen sharing and other features and can mute microphones and cameras, as necessary.

As with existing CourtCall procedures, you will receive a confirmation and will be provided with a service copy. CourtCall will also contact the other parties on the case to invite remote access, should they desire.

General Pricing

Up to 10 Remote Participants


up to 1/2 day (up to 3.5 hours)


per hour or portion thereof, thereafter


  • Dedicated Remote Deposition Officer
  • Exhibit marking and sharing assistance
  • Pre-session connectivity test

There is no added charge for participants to access the CourtCall platform.

Expedited fees, copies and other services are at additional charge.

At the time of scheduling, the estimated cost of the deposition will be charged against your debit account. Separate estimated costs will be charged for copies or additional services. Upon presentation of the requested transcript or copy, a final charge or credit adjustment will be made and a statement/invoice will be provided. CourtCall will make separate payment arrangements for the copies and/or additional services requested by other deposition participants.

Send your deposition notice and estimated deposition duration to

You may use the CourtCall audio or video platform or any common platform as our Deposition Officers are skilled on all common collaboration platforms if you have a preference.