Workers' Compensation

At no cost to the Court, CourtCall's Remote Appearance Platform effectively serves the unique needs of Workers' Compensation Courts.

Attorneys, hearing representatives, insurance representatives, lien claimants, medical experts, injured workers and others can now make appearances in Workers' Compensation Courts from the comfort and convenience of their home, office or other location.

Fewer costs potentially mean more benefit dollars for injured workers or less expense for employers.

Benefits for Judicial Officers/Court Staff

  • CourtCall handles the scheduling, coordination and operation of remote appearances
  • CourtCall electronically replicates the Workers' Compensation setting
  • All CourtCall calls are operator assisted calls for optimal privacy
  • The use of CourtCall increases access to justice and improves judicial economy
  • CourtCall allows parties to discuss matters privately in sub-conferences prior to speaking with the Judicial Officer
  • CourtCall improves administrative efficiencies
  • No contract and no risk for the Court
  • Improves efficiencies for Judges who “ride circuit”

Benefits for Plaintiff/Claimant Attorneys

  • Avoid unnecessary travel and wait times
  • Expand reach of practice without the required travel

Benefits for Defense Attorneys

  • In-House Counsel
    • By avoiding travel, attorneys may continue working from the convenience of their home or office instead of driving or flying to Court
  • Panel Counsel
    • Cost savings on travel and travel-related expenses
    • Expand area covered without incurring additional travel expenses

Benefits for Injured Workers

  • Ability to participate in or observe hearings from any location with no special equipment required - particularly helpful when the worker has relocated
  • Private sub-conferences with attorney are available during hearing if necessary
  • Remote testimony

Benefits for Insurance Carriers/Employers

  • Reduce expenses associated with travel
  • Ability to more effectively manage counsel
  • Detailed reports provided to enable savings analysis