Mental Health, Drug and Other Collaborative Justice Courts

CourtCall appreciates the needs of the entire community. Our simplified Remote Appearance Program is designed to meet the needs of Mental Health (Civil/Probate and Criminal), Drug and Collaborative Courts, serving juveniles, adolescents and adults.

CourtCall provides the latest in secure technology with exceptional customer service and support, is the industry leader in facilitating remote appearances and is particularly well-adapted to the needs of Mental Health, Drug and other Collaborative justice programs.

CourtCall offers an organized and voluntary way for clients, consumers, patients, physicians, social workers, case managers, prosecutors, defense counsel, guardians, conservators, probation officers, advocates and other treatment team members to appear remotely for virtually any proceeding including, involuntary commitment, guardianship, conservatorship, competency, review hearings, and other approved court matters.

  • Civil/Probate Mental Health Courts, often hear involuntary commitment, guardianship and conservatorship matters involving both inpatient and outpatient placement.
  • Collaborative Justice Courts, often referred to as problem solving courts, are courts that combine judicial supervision with varied and appropriate treatment and other services to improve outcomes for offenders and protect public safety. These courts encompass a broad spectrum that includes Drug Courts, DUI Courts, Community Courts, Domestic Violence Courts, Mental Health Courts, Reentry Courts, Veteran's Courts, Youth Courts and other Courts established to improve offender outcomes.
  • A cornerstone of Collaborative Justice Courts is integrating multiple services within communities into the justice system. With a focus on key collaborative justice principles, Collaborative Courts rely on access to a continuum of service providers within the community to create unique responses when working with individuals requiring treatment and services to reduce the risk of recidivism and improve public safety.

How CourtCall Benefits Collaborative Justice Courts

The CourtCall Remote Appearance platform assists the court and justice system stakeholders improve the efficiency in Collaborative Justice Courts by:

  • Enabling the appearance of participants in remote treatment facilities thereby enhancing consumer care and avoiding treatment disruptions.
  • Facilitating the team decision making process be permitting remote team member participation.
  • Improving program compliance via regular monitoring.
  • Eliminating or reducing the need for transport; reducing distance barriers and travel and transport risks.
  • Promoting an integrated, collaborative approach to assessment, support, continued judicial and court monitoring and community reintegration.
  • Reducing costs related to staff and physician.
  • Increasing safety and security at courthouses.
  • Improving case flow and increasing the availability and flexibility for scheduling appearances.
  • Customizing the program to meet the needs of each individual court and judge.
  • Maintaining a confidential, efficient, reliable, well-structured and easy to use program.

All that is needed is: A full-duplex speakerphone, computer or laptop with a webcam and a 1.5 mbps internet connection.