Remote Appearances. Simplified.

CourtCall's proprietary Remote Appearance Platform is designed to serve the specific needs of the Court with the latest communication technologies.

Having completed millions of appearances for thousands of Judges, CourtCall continues to benefit legal communities of all sizes, throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.

How it Works

  1. Logistics and Set Up
    • At no cost, all participating Courts are provided with the necessary equipment to access the CourtCall Remote Appearance Platform.
    • Courts receive brief training and are ready to go.
  2. Scheduling
    • Attorneys (participants) contact CourtCall or visit the website to schedule their CourtCall Appearance for their existing Court date. Once completed, a confirmation with detailed connection information is automatically sent.
  3. Making the Appearance
    • Courts are notified of CourtCall Appearances in advance and connect to their audio or video session.
    • Remote participants connect as instructed and wait for their case to be called.
    • When the Judge takes the bench, it's business as usual and those making a CourtCall Appearance are brought live when their case is called.

Remote Legal Collaboration

From client meetings and arbitration and mediation sessions to mental health hearings and support for corrections facilities, CourtCall serves all of the collaboration needs of the justice community.