Judge / Court Pricing

Flexible pricing for every community.

CourtCall can offer several business models and can adapt a model for any court.

For example, a court can maintain a voluntary remote access system with participants paying per-use fee to CourtCall. Fees can be waived for those with waivers and fees can be reduced based on case type. A court can share in the collection of revenue should it desire.

Where a court prefers for remote access to be free for users the court can retain CourtCall to handle all of the work, freeing court staff to return to necessary and often backlogged court business.

Having served thousands of judges, CourtCall can quickly develop a plan to match the needs of a community and budget of the court.

A couple of examples will highlight our flexibility.

  • In California the voluntary fee was $94.00 until 2023 with $20.00 paid to the Trial Court Trust Fund with millions generated for California courts over the years.
  • In some courts, the fees are reduced where there is no revenue sharing or where courts prefer to handle some of the remote appearance work internally.
  • Other courts may retain CourtCall's services at court expense (as courts do with Zoom and others) with CourtCall's service provided at no or reduced cost to the public.
  • Many courts and correctional facilities utilize our "point to point" service for arraignments at a monthly cost of $600.00 per endpoint (often far less than one transport or bus to court).
  • CourtCall can quickly provide equipment (e.g. kiosks) at competitive rates, if necessary. CourtCall can quickly upgrade a system from end of life/unsupported equipment of Poly or others.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about the needs of your community and workflow of your court.